What are Dental Implants (and How Can You Benefit from Them)?

What are Dental Implants (and How Can You Benefit from Them)?

We have combined our expert knowledge built up through years of experience to offer you everything you need to know about dental implants. We will be explaining what they are, the different options available depending on whether you have lost one or multiple teeth, and what benefits they bring.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are to replace a missing tooth(teeth). They are a long-term solution and provide a more natural look. They replace the root within the gum which provides more stability for the replacement, than alternatives.

Implants are screwed in using a discreet titanium screw, replicating the root of a natural tooth. Artificial crowns (made from porcelain) that replicate the missing teeth are then fitted on the top of the screw. These porcelain crowns are an exact replica of the original tooth, to make sure that it blends in perfectly and unnoticeably.

When the implant is in place, the jawbone will fuse with the titanium screw, securing the crown. This process is not an instant reaction and is a practice that can take between eight and twelve weeks.

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Dental Implants for One Missing Tooth

The process for one missing tooth requires the input of a titanium screw within the jaw. We will schedule an appointment that suits the need of the patient. With one tooth and no underlying complications, we will achieve this with one surgery. We prefer to check on the procedure after two weeks to ensure the wound is healing correctly.

Dental Implants for Multiple Missing Teeth

Replacing multiple teeth with dental implants is somewhat different from a singular tooth. We provide Full Arch Dental Implants on 4 or 6 implants, the number of implants and method is unique to each individual, which is personalized to each person at the consultation visit. We provide Smile in a Day dental implant therapy, which involves surgery and fitting of your teeth over the implants on the same day, please note not everyone is suitable for this approach and thus pre-planning is crucial.

Once the implants are positioned, the porcelain crowns are created and connected to the implants by a centre crown that fits over the gums. Even though each individual crown isn’t fitted to an implant of its own, this fixed implant bridge is an incredibly secure, stable, and long term answer for replacing multiple missing teeth.

If there is a full denture replacement required for all teeth, this solution would be the ideal answer and would be most expected to be recommended.

Benefits of Choosing Dental Implants

They look and behave like natural teeth. Dental implants have been expertly designed to replicate a natural tooth almost perfectly. They will provide a realistic smile makeover in Manchester and our technicians and dentists are well trained and will carry out the procedure to the highest standard.

They are durable and long-lasting. With correct dental care and attention, our dental implants will last for many years. All of our bespoke Implant Plans come with a 5 year guarantee. We do believe in patient-dentist transparency which means we cannot guarantee them forever, but they are the best permanent solution on the market.

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They are easy to maintain. Dental implants look, feel, and behave like natural teeth and should be treated as such. Brushing and flossing twice a day is essential for maintaining good dental hygiene. We will provide 6 monthly assessments and an annual review of the procedure within our Salford Clinic following the first 12 months.

They improve your confidence. Above all other benefits, dental implants must provide a perfect smile that is important to our patients, which makes them important to us. Having insecurity over your smile no longer needs to be an issue with our Bespoke Dental Implants and teeth whitening in Manchester.

Choose Bespoke Dental Clinic

Bespoke Dental Clinic aims to make your treatments and procedures as comfortable as we can. We have no hidden costs for our treatment, which can all be viewed on our website. All treatments will be explained from the outset and provide a suitability check before continuing any consultation.

We take pride in our excellent reputation from our clients and are confident in providing the best service within our area.

We offer a long list of other bespoke dental treatments if this one doesn’t suit you. We offer invisible braces in Manchester, fillings, crowns and veneers, for more information, we are available to call through our contact page.

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