How to Get a Perfect Smile

How to Get a Perfect Smile

Embarrassed to smile like you used to? Looking to regain your confidence? Looking for a dentist that understands what you’re going through?

Look no further than Bespoke Dental & Implant Clinic. Whether your teeth were damaged recently, you were born with an issue you’d like to fix, or age has changed the way your mouth looks, we’ve got all the treatments you need to get a perfect smile.

Take a look at how you can benefit from services tailor-made just for you – and speak to us if you’d like to learn more about them.

What About Teeth Whitening?

To get a smile makeover, why not start by looking at teeth whitening in Manchester? This treatment is designed to give you brighter, whiter teeth and should only be done by dentists and dental professionals – while you may find whitening products in beauty salons or online, these can cause damage to your teeth and should be avoided at all costs.

Because we understand that more than 40% of people are unhappy with their teeth, we’ve carefully selected the best treatments to whiten your teeth and give you the peace of mind of knowing your mouth is healthy too.

You can choose from our Boutique (home whitening) or our Enlighten (home and in-house whitening) options, depending on what works best for your particular case. We’ll talk you through the treatments and help you to decide, so get in touch to learn more.

Consider Invisalign

Besides teeth whitening, you can also find Invisalign at our clinic, which means you can straighten your misaligned teeth if this is something you suffer from.

As experts in invisible braces in Manchester, you can expect high-quality products, a team of dental professionals on hand to help every step of the way, a brace that is virtually invisible as you go out and about, a pain-free process – when compared to traditional braces – and a more confident smile that will light up your face!

Invisalign braces are discreet and can be removed at will, meaning you don’t have to clean around them when it’s time to brush your teeth and you don’t have to struggle to eat hard foods (such as apples) either, as you can take them out for it.

These invisible braces are also comfortable to wear, and, most importantly, you can relax knowing that your bite will improve! Talk to us if you have any questions about how this treatment works.

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Dental Implants Can Change the Look of Your Mouth

For missing teeth, you have several options that can help you get a smile makeover, including dental implants. We can replace just one tooth or as many teeth as you need, as this is a versatile treatment upon which crowns, bridges and dentures can be incorporated as well.

We’ll always provide a bespoke treatment for your needs, as we know that every mouth is different and there are different ways to approach missing teeth. We’re here for you from start to finish and also offer ongoing maintenance and check-ups so you can be sure that your dental implants remain healthy, giving you a smile you’ve always dreamed of.

In addition to this, we also provide sedation for patients that need it. If you’re scared of pain and this causes you a lot of anxiety, you’ve had bad experiences in the past, you hate needles or you’re embarrassed by your teeth and need sedation to relax completely, we are here for you.

No matter why you may need sedation, we have it, both oral and intravenous – perfect for your particular situation.

Composite Bonding Can Be the Right Solution

Another treatment that people looking for the perfect smile can benefit from is composite bonding, which helps repair or reshape teeth.

Also known as composite veneers, cosmetic bonding and teeth bonding, this technique is suitable for people who wish to fix cosmetic issues, such as chipped teeth, discolouration and gaps between teeth, leading to a brighter, more confident smile.

We specialise in repairing defects with this non-invasive treatment, so you can trust us to deliver the results you’re looking for without the need for drilling or for anaesthesia.

In fact, with this treatment:

  • There is no need for injections
  • No need for drilling or filing teeth
  • The veneers can be removed without harming the teeth
  • The treatment can be done in one day

There are many reasons to consider composite bonding, then, so let us know if you’re interested in this technique or any other treatments we offer at our Bespoke Dental & Implant Clinic.

With a customised plan of your own, you can rest assured that you’re receiving the treatments that are most suitable for your particular needs, instead of going through with a generic plan that doesn’t take the uniqueness of your mouth into account.

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Take a Look at Our Pricing Options

Like our smile stylist treatments, we have several pricing options that will help you to get the teeth you’ve always wanted. For example, you can benefit from bespoke loyalty plans that allow you to get private care on a fixed-fee basis. We have several plans available, starting from the Basic at £7 a month.

The private dentist fees we have in place also allow for 0% interest-free finance available upon request, so you don’t have to postpone your treatments or be self-conscious about your smile anymore.

Contact Bespoke Dental & Implant Clinic

Looking for a smile stylist in Manchester? We’ve got you covered with our vast range of dental treatments available for children and adults, from teeth whitening to dental implants and everything else in-between.

The treatments we mentioned in this article are just a few examples of what we can offer, so ring us on 0161 637 7370, and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific situation with you – and help you smile again with confidence!

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