Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

There are many reasons to opt for teeth whitening, such as discoloured and stained teeth. If you’ve lost confidence in your smile and want to make your teeth brighter, your dentist can help by providing you with safe, effective solutions.

So, if you’re wondering whether teeth whitening is safe, we can put your mind at ease by answering some of the most frequently asked questions we get about this treatment. Take a look below and find out whether teeth whitening is suitable for you.

Why Are My Teeth Yellowed?

First of all, it’s important to understand that there’s nothing wrong with discoloured teeth – this can be due to genetics or staining from drinks and food. For example, tea and coffee are well known for staining your teeth, but you can minimise that by having them cleaned on a regular basis.

You can also get yellowed teeth if you smoke, and as we grow older, our teeth tend to become yellower because the dentine, which is the tissue under the enamel, starts to show.

Having bright, white teeth can help with your confidence but it doesn’t mean you can’t have other issues, like cavities.

Does Teeth Whitening Damage Your Teeth?

Our teeth whitening treatments are safe for everyone. Some products, especially those not endorsed by professional dentists, can have ingredients that damage your teeth, including the dentine underneath.

So, when searching for a teeth whitening procedure, it’s safer to opt for one that’s recommended by dentists instead of risking using products that may do more harm than good. You can become ill if you accidentally ingest the product, for example, or it can cause burns on your gums if not used correctly.

A dentist can see whether the treatment is right for you to ensure your safety while helping you get whiter teeth.

What’s more, it’s actually illegal for people who are not dentists and dental professionals to provide teeth whitening treatments, which means that beauty salons and other businesses offering this service are breaking the law; more specifically, the Dentists Act 1984.

Does Teeth Whitening Damage Veneers?

Veneers and crowns bond to your teeth to alter their appearance, which means you can use them to reshape a tooth and even to have brighter-looking teeth. However, veneers are also resistant to staining, which is often good news but, when you’re trying to get a whiter smile, this means they’re not affected by whitening products at all.

If you want to make your teeth whiter, it’s better to do it before you get veneers – otherwise, you may end up with different coloured teeth, which can knock your confidence down. Of course, if you’re undergoing the treatment after getting veneers, you can also be confident that the products won’t do any damage to them.

Keeping up your oral health and having your teeth regularly cleaned can help you maintain your bright smile and even improve the appearance of discoloured teeth/veneers, which can be a good option if you’re unable to whiten your teeth before getting veneers.

Each case we see is different, so talk to your dentist about the best solution for your individual needs.

Can Teeth Whitening Damage Your Gums?

Like most treatments, teeth whitening can have a few side effects, including gum irritation and sensitivity. However, if you follow all instructions and your dentist’s direction, these effects will be minimal.

Ingredients like hydrogen peroxide can affect your gums, but we keep the product away from gum tissue by using gels and other protective elements to ensure the product remains only on your teeth.

This is true of both our Boutique treatment, which is done at home and our Enlighten procedure, which is a combination of at-home and in-house whitening.

Of course, should you experience any issues, you can rest assured that all irritation will heal quickly, leaving you to enjoy your brighter teeth with confidence. Wondering how to protect your gums during teeth whitening? Feel free to speak to us about our teeth whitening products, and we’ll be happy to help.

Teeth Whitening at Bespoke Dental Clinic

DIY teeth whitening is not advised – in fact, it can be quite dangerous too. While there are several whitening products out there, this treatment can cause damage to your teeth if not done by a professional. This can be either because of the poor quality of products on the market or because beauty salons don’t know exactly what they’re doing.

The only way to ensure you’re choosing a safe treatment that works is by working with your dentist. At Bespoke Dental Clinic, we have non-invasive teeth whitening procedures that will give you a makeover in just a few weeks.

If you’re looking for teeth whitening in Manchester, you can choose between our Boutique treatment or our Enlighten method and start enjoying a more confident smile.

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